Launceston wins for Richard Maddern and Ryan Tonkin

The Event was notable for scores being well spread out amongst the classes

Kofi Farley debuted his newly acquired MX5. (Vidcap from a Norton Selwood Video)

Launceston and North Cornwall MC had a surprising number of non starters for their single venue Classic Trial in Lew and Eastcott Woods. It was still a good entry though. The organisers had made good use of the land and the 20 sections went down very well with the competitors.

InCar with Roger Ashby

The second section, Zacks Track, was cleaned by only a handful of cars. This was to be significant for Roger Ashby, as without the four he dropped here he would have won the car category in his Coates Orthoptera which has been reclassified into Class 2 this years. Rogers car reflects specials trialling of the early 50’s with a Ford Sidevalve in an Austin Seven Chassis with the security of a “heavy” axle from an E83W van.

Ryan Tonkin cemented his event win on section 8, Tunnel Run when he was the only restarter to go clear and ended the day dropping only three marks.

Roger Ashby was second dropping five and Andrew Rippon third on eight. A good spread amongst the classes.

There were two solos and one outfit with clean sheets. The win going to ACTC regular Richard Maddern.

Motorcycle Playlist from Simons Folly (Videos by Norton Selwood)

Car Playlist from Simons Folly (Videos by Norton Selwood)

Car Playlist from Up Over and Across (Videos by Norton Selwood)

Photos on the Launceston and North Cornwall FB Page

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Our Exmoor Adventure

By Winston & Patrick Teague & Tarka Daal the Curry Coloured MGB

Photo by Paul Morris Motorsport PhotograhyClick Here for more of Pauls Exmoor Photos 

Our journey to Sunday’s Exmoor began with a chance encounter on the Classic Trials Facebook. Brian Osbourn mentioned a decaying MGB in Tenbury Wells. We are outside Tenbury so Patrick (15) and I were intrigued….a question on the post, a bit of wondering, and a clumsy answerphone message at home from Simon Woodhall, and we were in the doghouse (again). We arrived home after a school run to ‘have you something to tell me?’ From the ever tolerant and (usually) forgiving Mrs T…….

We bought it, of course, though it didn’t seem to include sills……a few weeks of frantic bursts of fettling, in between bouts of outsourced welding with a target of Exeter-Clee Hills-Lands End.

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Merson Victorious on the Exmoor Trial

It was Charlie Merson in his Ford Special doing the winning this time, not Paul in the Shopland, who had to settle for second

Charlie Merson successfully restarting on High Bray to take the Premier Car Award on the Exmoor Trial. Photo by Chris Barham. More photos from Chris Bikes and Cars

Chris Barham and his team worked hard to get this years Exmoor Trial on the road, rescheduling because of Covid and having to battle all the issues running an event at this difficult time involves. They were rewarded by an excellent entry of 60 to do battle with the dry sections in North Devon.

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President Haizelden

Ben Gladwyn had the lowest score on the day but David Haizelden won the Presidents Cup on Index

Camel Vale had good weather for their day in Bonyalva Woods with cars ending the day covered in dust rather than the usual mud.
Ben Gladwyn had a successful Presidents, dropping 3 marks on the day, the lowest score. The Presidents Cup was awarded to David Haizelden who was best on Index. (Photo by Nicola Butcher).

Camel Vale drew an excellent entry of 28 for their single venue trial in Bonyalva Woods. The restarts rather got the better of Class 8 and the days main battle was between Ben Gladwyn in his 1300 Beetle and Dave Haizelden, back in the Reliant Scimitar which won the Torbay in the hands of Jack Selwood while Dave was organising the event.

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A Different Torbay

Jack Selwood Wins the Torbay without a Passenger!

The winning car was familiar but this time it was Jack Selwood behind the wheel and taking the honours. Photo by Paul Morris Motorsport Photography

The Torbay team, led as usual by David Haizelden and Keith Sanders, missed the easing of Covid restrictions by one day. This meant car competitors were not allowed passengers and would have to navigate their own way around the route, just like the motorcyclists!

David and Keith sensibly made other changes, forgoing many of the usual classic hills so not to attract unwanted spectators.They also started and finished the event on private land to avoid an indoor gathering.

The event started in woodland, just off the A30 west of Exeter.

The first group of sections were here, three for Cars, five for Solos and four for the excellent entry of six Outfits. This was to be be dominated by a battle between Leon Torres and Alan Wear who won the class by 1 point.

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Torbay on a Metisse

Peter Browne is a familiar face behind the camera lens, photographing many of our trials. But on the Torbay he took to the hills as a competitor and kindly agreed to tell us about his trial.

Peter choose his Metisse for the Torbay Trial

I have always been fond of the Torbay Trial as it is local and I have had many enjoyable days photographing the event but always with a feeling that I should be out there with them rather than just recording it. I had a Triumph Metisse that I had used for Pre 65 Scrambling and which I had been slowly preparing for Green Laneing and despite the machine being far from finished I submitted an entry for the 2019 Trial. I finally had to concede that I still had not made the bike reliable so the day before the event changed to my normally utterly reliable 500 Triumph only for that to develop an electrical fault on the third section which forced a retirement so the Torbay Trial was very much unfinished business.

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Pop Goes the MCC

With no Lands End the MCC ran an Experimental Pop Up Trial on Easter Saturday. For whatever reason it wasn’t well supported but those that participated seemed to have a good time.

Peter Browne rode his modern Triumph Scrambler to Slade Lane to capture Paul Doughty on his Triumph TR5T. More of Peter’s Pop Up Photos Slade Lane and Angel Steps

With no Lands End Trial because of the current Corona Virus Pandemic the MCC decided to run their “Experimental Pop Up Trial” on Easter Saturday during the first weekend Motor Sport was permitted. There were restrictions. In particular the event started at the first sections rather than a refreshment venue and car drivers were not permitted passengers. There was a maximum entry of 80 but the MCC only received 34 entries, running the event after revisiting the minimum number of 40 specified in the ASR’s.

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President Facey

With Covid still affecting Road Events Camel Vale were still able to run a very successful Single Venue Presidents Trial

Camel Vale acknowledged the forthcoming American election by naming the sections after former Presidents. There was no ballot but Matt Facey came out on top of a competitive field.

If you go down to the woods one day…… Presidents Cup Winner Matt Facey and Hollie Wood emerging from the ferns in a capture from one of Matts YouTube Videos.

Clerks of the Course Ryan and Ben Tonkin laid out ten observed sections, attempted twice, which went down well with competitors, providing a challenge for the experts but giving the less competitive cars the chance of seeing the top of some hills.

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