President Facey

With Covid still affecting Road Events Camel Vale were still able to run a very successful Single Venue Presidents Trial

Camel Vale acknowledged the forthcoming American election by naming the sections after former Presidents. There was no ballot but Matt Facey came out on top of a competitive field.

If you go down to the woods one day…… Presidents Cup Winner Matt Facey and Hollie Wood emerging from the ferns in a capture from one of Matts YouTube Videos.

Clerks of the Course Ryan and Ben Tonkin laid out ten observed sections, attempted twice, which went down well with competitors, providing a challenge for the experts but giving the less competitive cars the chance of seeing the top of some hills.

Aaron Haizelden and Jack Selwood competed in Class Eight rather than the usual Scimitar. Photo by Julie Williams. Click here for more of Julies Photos on the Classic Trials FB Group

Matt Facey came close to a clean sheet but dropped a one on two of the sections during the first round. Arnie Martin (Dutton Melos) and Simon Groves (Troll) were not far behind, both dropping five marks on the day.

ACTC Chair and Secretary Dave Haizelden and Keith Sanders were in their familiar Class Five Reliant Scimitar’s but couldn’t quite match Matt’s BMW Z3 dropping 11 and 13 respectively. Francis Thomas also finished on 13 with his Melos in Class 7.

There were three retirements Craig Allen, John Cox and Duncan Stephens.

Videos by Matt Facey

In Car with Stuart Palmer and Bob Blackman in their Austin Seven
In Car with Roger Ashby

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Nick Farmer wins Single Venue Exmoor Clouds

Classic Trialling resumed in the current difficult Covid situation with Minehead MC running their event at a single venue.

Classic Trialling came to a halt after the Launceston Trial in March due to Covid 19. With the Government, Motorsport UK and ACU restrictions to contend with Minehead MC were able to run the Exmoor Clouds as a single venue event in Headon Woods. Unfortunately the event couldn’t cater for bikes and sidecars. The other big change was that drivers could run without passengers if they wished as crews from different passengers would have to wear a face mask.

Nick Farmer and Trris White in the Deere Special on their way to a narrow win over Aaron Haizelden (Photo by Peter Browne)

It was tee shirt weather but there was quite a bit of mud around and even getting to the sections proved challenging at times.

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Another Tough Camel Heights

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Chris Glasson on The Tunnel. Capture from Norton Selwood Video

Video by Emma Groves
Videos by Norton Selwood

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Aaron Haizelden Dominates Cotswold Clouds

Only car outside Class Eight to climb Crooked Mustard

Aaron pictured by Paul Fairbanks on his torturous but successful climb of Crooked Mustard. Click here for more of Pauls Photos

The Cotswold Clouds once again lived up to its reputation, attracting a full entry of 80 cars to tackle its challenging sections under the eyes of an extremely professional organising team.

Hannah Fergusons Video shows how hard Aaron had to work on Crooked Mustard, but he didn’t give up. Click here for Hannahs full Crooked Mustard Video

Winner Aaron Haizelden, in his Class 5 Reliant Scimitar, was the only car outside of Class 8 to climb the notorious Crooked Mustard near the start of the event and thoroughly dominated the rest of the days proceedings. It was difficult, even for the specials, and only seven of them reached the summit. The old hill took its toll on the machinery and the dead car park soon started to fill up. Alex Wheeler had his front suspension part company with the rest of his Nova. John Cox broke the diff on his Porshe 924 and even Dean Partingtons ultra reliable DP Wasp broke its transmission as did Matt Johnstons Cannon.

Across the road at the top of Crooked Mustard lay the summit of Axe, another long standing section. Competitors emerged covered in the glutinous mud which laid in the sections deep gulley. This clung to the wheels and underside of the cars, slowing many of the cars in the lower classes, some to a complete stop.

Dave Cook captures Bill Bennett in his MG J2, the only Class 2 Entry, on the Historic Nailsworth Ladder. Click here for Dave’s extensive library of photos on his Website where you can purchase prints and Hi-Res Downloads

Nailsworth Ladder by Simon Jones

Neither of the traditional sections at Nailsworth Ladder or Ham Mill across from the Bear Inn at Rodborough caused to much trouble but that was soon to change.

Bryans by Kevin Sharp

Bryan’s is an unsurfaced track in the woods and got muddier and muddier as the day went on. Some in the higher classes couldn’t even get to their restart let alone pull away from it. Aaron Haizelden picked up his first fail of the day here and even he only got to the two, one mark further than Dave in his similar car.

Aaron and Dave continued their domination when they cleaned the short, sharp, Merves Swerve, a feat only repeated by Ray Ferguson (Liege), Dave Middleditch in the Top Gear Dutton Phaeton and ACTC Secretary Bill Bennett in his MG J2, the only Class Two car in the event.

Having raised his recently acquired Beetle after the Exeter Lee Peck tackles the blast through the trees at Climperwell. Stroud had drafted in some heavy machinery before the event to improve the section. Photo by Calvin Samuel Click Here for more of Calvins Work

The innocuous looking Bulls Bank restart is there to trap the unwary on its polished stones and this year its victims included Mark and James Smith. You can view their on James InCar Video.

Wicked Juniper by Kevin Sharp

Jerrys the penultimate section, a very muddy climb through the trees. Then there was Talbots Terror with headlights necessary in the gathering gloom for the early numbers and in the proper dark for those running towards the back. Aaron Haizelden dropped one here but it didn’t matter, he was hands down winner of this years Cotswold Clouds.

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Nick Deacon wins Clee in X90

John Kenny best Motorcycle

Nick Deacon emerges from the greenery on his way to the premier Award on the Clee Hills Trial. Photo by Andrew Marchant. Click Here for more of Andrews Clee Photos.

The Midland Automobile Club had accumulated a formidable organising team for this years Clee Hills Trial. A veritable dynasty of trialling with Simon Woodall as Clerk of the Course, Pat Toulmin Secretary of the Meeting and Adrian Tucker-Peake as Chief Marshall.

Their event was classic modern Clee, retaining their unique twin loop system which helps finish the trial on time as it brings two hills into play at the same time but can make it a long day for the marshals. Continue reading “Nick Deacon wins Clee in X90”

John Boswell

John Boswell passed away on Tuesday – A Tribute by David Alderson

1912 JohnBoswellI’m sad to report that my long time best buddy and fellow trialsman John Boswell passed away peacefully on Tuesday morning. Continue reading “John Boswell”

Stuart Bartlett secures Crackington with Camel Win

Stuart was the only car with single figures on a tough trial

Ben Tonkin and Xanthia Petherick pictured on Penkestle in this capture from Kofi Farleys video 

InCar with Camel and Crackington winners Stuart and Kieran Bartlett

Camel Vale Motor Club lived up to their reputation and put on a tough finale to this years ACTC Championship. Continue reading “Stuart Bartlett secures Crackington with Camel Win”