2 thoughts on “Aaron Haizelden wins Clee Hills”

  1. I hope it hasn’t escaped everyone’s notice, but … Class 8 did one more section than the rest of the Classes and everyone in Class 8 (except, inevitably, Dean!) scored 11 or 12 on that section. There was also “score relieving” on a couple of sections. Now, I’m all in favour of “score relieving” as a way of balancing the classes, but giving most of Class 8 a 11 or 12 point penalty is, in my opinion, a slightly sly way to keep them out of the Top Ten overall.


  2. My apologies, what I say above is not 100% accurate. Class 8 did do one more section overall than all the other classes, but it was a “Class 8 only” section (subtly different) on which everyone except Dean scored 11 or 12. Whatever, I think MAC should “come clean” in the Regs for 2017 and say to Class 8 – “Do come out and play, but we intend to rig the scoring to minimise the chance of you getting into the Top Ten and scoring Wheelspin points”. Having said that, we (Ian Davis and I) had thoroughly enjoyable day out in the Shropshire Hills.


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