Tamar Trial 2016

Aaron Haizelden was best car in his Scimitar dropping only 3 marks on Trevilla

Dan and Lester Keat on their way to winning Class Eight (Photo by Jonathan Kelly)

Keith Sanders also dropped 3 on Trevilla in his Scimitar, however he had also lost 3 marks earlier on Crackington. Dave Haizeldens new Scimitar made its debut but ended his challenge halfway through the event when his Quaife/Fack diff broke. Dave is not having much luck with Quaifes as its only a few weeks since the one in his Golf disintegrated.

Tristan Barnicoat was best motorcycle with Kathy Martin only a few marks behind in a well supported Class B1.

Steve Urell was best Sidecar again and commiserations to Julia Browne who ended up in A&E but is on the mend.

Simon Groves has dropped the axle on his Troll to fix a broken Half Shaft. He was successful and went on to finish the event. (Photo by David Haizelden)

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