Gary Browning wins Kyrle

Gary won a demanding trial in his VW Fugitive with nine of the 36 starters retiring

Calvin Samuel captures overall winner Gary Browning cleaning Pludds in fine style. Calvin can be contacted via his CST Artworks Website
Drama as marshals and fellow competitors rush to aid Simon Woodall at the top of Pludds (Photo by Calvin Samuel)

Provisional Results

Overall – Gary Browning – VW Fugitive – 7

2  Bill Bennett – MG J2 – 26
3  Matt Facey – BMW – 17
4  Tony Young – VW Beetle – 19
5  Aaron Haizelden – Reliant Scimitar SS1 – 11
6  David Price – VW Beetle – 43
7  Ed Wells – Dutton Melos – 26
8  Tris White – Troll – 16

1/11/16 – Scores corrected and Full Results added

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