Exmoor Trial

Keith Sanders and Jon Hustwayte triumphed after overcoming the humps and bumps of High Bray

Jon Hustwayte concentrates on High Bray on his way to a Motorcycle Overall Win (Photo by Duncan Stephens at http://www.donutphotography.com )

Jon was one of three solos to loose 10 marks, all on Floyds Gully at the end of the trial. Kathy Martin came oh so close, less than a second slower on the Special Test. Steve Urell/Julie Williams were best chair.

Sticker Martin tests his suspension movement in this photo by Duncan Stephens. You can find more of Duncans work at http://www.donutphotography.com/

High Bray was voted the toughest section by the car drivers. Its lumps and bumps caused traction problems as it was very difficult to keep all four wheels on the ground. It didn’t bother Keith Sanders who cleaned this and every other section aided by Mike Warnes in the bouncers chair. Dave Haizelden and Aaron Haizelden came just behind. Dave dropped one mark on Floyds bank followed by two on Cross Lane where Aaron stopped at the five.

Videos by Norton Selwood and Duncan Stephens


Overall Motorcycle – Jon Hustwayte (Gas Gas Pampera) 10

D  Steve Urell/Julie Williams (Aprillia Wasp) 10
B1  Kathryn Martin (Honda) 10
B2 Mark Dascombe (??) 10

Overall Car – Keith Sanders (Reliant SS) 0

2  Bill Bennett (MGJ2) 18
3  Francis Thomas (Anglia) 22
4  Craig Allen (VW Beetle) 7
5  David Haizelden (Reliant SS) 3
7  Pete Hart (Marlin) 7
8  Paul Merson (Shopland) 11

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