Exmoor Clouds

Last years winner Stuart Bartlett won the Exmoor Clouds again, dropping 18 marks in his Cannon, one less than Anthony Andrews in his Buggy

Held on the same day as Strouds Mechanics Trial the sections on this years Exmoor Clouds were mainly muddy, held on private land, compared to the rough stoney Byways of a few years ago.

Stuarts win was despite dropping 12 on Bratton Ball 2 when the other leading contenders lost only five or six.

Rom Dobbs was best Motorcycle on his GasGas.

In Car on the Exmoor Clouds with Mark and James Smith in their Class Six Beetle

Norton Selwoods Videos from Pitt Bridge 

Norton Selwoods Videos from Nurcott Pitts


Best Car – Stuart Bartlett (Cannon) 18

1. James Shallcross (Peugeot) 49
3. Marr Facey (BMW) 38
4. Arthur Ell (VW Beetle) 70
5. David Haizelden (Reliant Scimitar SS) 21
6. Mark Smith (VW Beetle) 29
7. Ray Fergusson (Liege) 42
8. Anthony Andrew (VW Buggy) 19

Best Motorcycle – Rom Dobbs (GasGas) 8

A. Graham Lampkin (Royal Enfield) Retired
B1. Martin Fletcher (Yamaha) 13
B2. Richard Dumming (Scorpa) 13
D. Martin Keswick/Josh Cook (Kawasaki) 25

Rated :- Rough = 2 Tough = 2.2

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