Tough Tamar

Ryan Tonkin was best Car, after Aaron Haizelden received a marker penalty. Rom Dobbs was best Motorcycle.

Class B1 winner Graham Airey on Park Impossible. Photo by Peter Browne
Ryan Tonkin on Park Impossible. Photo by Peter Browne

With the West Country battered by storms in the days preceding the event the organisers were faced with some tough choices deciding to cancel a couple of sections because of access problems before the trial passed through.

It wasn’t a Class Eight event, Ryan Tonkin emerging as best car in his Baja Beetle after Aaron Haizelden was penalised with a marker penalty on Allerford Steep. James Shallcross was competing in Class Six in his Peugeot 205 fitted with an LSD in preparation for the coming rule changes that will permit a slipper in FWD cars.

Adrian Tucker-Peake had an experienced passenger, cousin Susan sitting alongside him in the MGF. Interesting that the car entry was dominated by Class Five with 35% of the car entry in what was a dying category a few years ago.

Norton Selwoods Videos from Trevilla, Angel Steps and Park Impossible

Trevilla by Norton Selwood

Angel Steps by Norton Selwood

Park Impossible by Norton Selwood

The Tamar was rated – Rough 2, Tough 2.2

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