Challenging Tarka

Stewart Green was best car in his Class 8 Gruffalo and Ben Dyer best Solo in this wet event with some tough restarts.

Mark and James Smith restart on Hurscott in this photo by Becey Macey. Click Here ¬†for their InCar Video of the Trial. You can find more of Becey’s photos here.

This years Tarka was an ACTC Championship round for both Cars and Motorcycles after Woolbridges Hardy Trial didn’t take place. North Devon MC had the benefit of quite a bit of rain to toughen up their trial with only two cars in Class Eight finishing in single figures.

Holdridge 2 by Norton Selwood

Stewart Green finished with four marks, one better than Simon Groves who dropped the extra mark in the mud of the Holdridge 2 woods. Paul Merson and Ray Ferguson were among the few other cars to do well here but both retired soon after. Paul with a broken diff and Ray with overheating after the fan on his class 7 Liege failed.

Ben Dyer had the only clean sheet on the event and was best solo motorcycle. Steve Urell was best combination in a class that saw popular Triple Editor Celia Walton return to competition.

Josh Cook’s helmet cam as he rides with Martin Keswick

In Car with Mark and James Smith in their Class Six Beetle

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