Tough Cotswold Clouds

Ryan Eamer (Cannon) was the provisional winner of a closely fought battle with Tris White (Troll), Richard Hayward (Escort) and Dave Haizelden (Reliant Scimitar)

Simon Jones captures Ryan Eamer working hard to get away from the Bulls Bank restart

Videos from Crooked Mustard by Duncan Stephens, Mike Eliis’s Dad and Duncan Stephens

Stroud and DMC received their usual full entry for their well established trial. The first half of the route included many traditional hills, some dating back before WW2, even if some like Crooked Mustard have changed their name in the intervening period!

There were some early casualties, none so heartbreaking as Stuart Highwood/Mark Ensoll when their Marlins engine expired after a successful climb of Crooked Mustard. Last years Crackington winner Ray Ferguson incurred suspension damage after hitting a stump but managed to continue. The old hill certainly took its toll of the lower classes and John White (1300 Beetle) and Dave Haizelden (Reliant Scimitar SS) were the only production cars to make successful climbs.

Axe was next on the agenda. There weren’t to many failures this year but it was a memorable section for Dave Haizelden when he found his top wishbone had snapped right off. Dave was very grateful to fellow competitor Alex Wheeler who arranged for a local welder to repair his car. Dave was able to continue, win Class Five and challenge for the overall lead.

As the day went on the number of contenders slowly diminished leaving Ryan Eamer the provisional overall winner on Special Test Times.

Ham Mill by Glynn Heskins

Bryan’s by Matt Facey

Wicked Juniper by Matt Facey

Merves Swerve by Duncan Stephens

Talbots Terror by Norton Selwood and Duncan Stephens

In Car with Mark and James Smith

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