2 Rivers LDT

Becey Macey captures Chris Barham on High Bray. If you study the picture you will see the solos didn’t get a straight run at the hill.

Introduced in 2016 the 2 Rivers LD Trial offered solo motorcycles sections over 95 road miles on OS Sheet 180 in North Devon.

Starting at the Cedars Lodge in Barnstable there were four classes who were allowed to view the sections before attempting them.

  • Trail
  • Enduro
  • Twinshock
  • Pre 65

On Board with Josh Cook

Chris Barham Reports:-

3 is the Magic Number

Or so the song goes! Well for the 2 Rivers LDT it was also to be.. 3rd year running, 3rd time the sun shone this year and the amount of points I dropped on nearly every section! The sun stayed with us all day but it very little to dry out the sections. Most were extremely slippery after recent snow and rain, but this did little to spoil the fun, the slippery conditions just gave mine and others legs plenty of exercise.

Mick Whitehouse and his team had us ride some fantastic sections throughout the day, slippery leaves on slippery mud over slippery roots being the order of the day, inter mixed with glorious greenlanes between the road miles which made the day a true off road experience. Splash in a few steams with freezing cold water the day was perfect. And yes, the stones in the streams were slippery too!

The clear skies gave us all beautiful views over Exmoor and the sea, followed by sections with slippery grass slopes. What wasn’t slippery for once though was the classic Bray Hill! Always the ” left or right” hill? Which side offers most grip come the restart. No such worries though as no restart test.

The last sections of the day were in the grounds of a country estate, new grounds here never used in a trial before. Thankfully they were kind to us early riders with plenty of grip but later numbers found it cut up and slid around…probably scoring plenty of 3’s.

So “3” was definitely the magic number. Including the 3 people who made this day happen Becey, Mick and Chris.

Cheers guys.

Chris Barham Bike 23.

Comments, Corrections, Criticism & Concerns welcome:-


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