The Classical Gas Classic Trials Survey

Its summer so things slow up in the Classic Trials world. Time to reflect on the future of the sport. Time for a poll!

Here are the questions. If you are logged in to FB you can click on the links, see the results and comments. If you are a member of the Classic Trials Group you can also still add to them.

If you think Facebook is the work of the devil and haven’t signed up then you will be in the dark!

  1. Prompted by some of the thoughts expressed in NOTW and ReStart I thought I would do some research of my own on what trialers think should be the future of the sport. So I plan a series of polls starting with our affiliations. Lets start with the MCC
  2. Day 2 of my research into what trialers think should be the future of the sport. Still looking at who we are. Todays focus is our relationship with the ACTC. Remember you can’t join the ACTC as an individual but you can register for the championship, whether you actually compete in the events or not.
  3. Todays Question is about Competition Licences
  4. Day 4 into my research into what trialers think should be the future of the sport. Today its about communication. In addition to Facebook I keep up with my trials news on:-
    You can tick more than one box so please indicate all that you use. (there are a lot of options so please take a look at them all)
  5. Day 5 into our research into what you think is the future of Classic Trials.
    This question is how far are from home are you prepared to travel to attend a Classic Trial. Either as a Competitor, Marshal, Spectator etc.
  6. Well here we are on day 6 of our research and thoughts turn to the nature of sections on Classic Trials.
  7. Day 7 and the question is the road miles during a Classic Trial. This is about Road Miles, there will be more questions about the type of sections later.
  8. Day 8 of our just for fun polls. Its not the end but I can see it from here. Todays question is aimed at established triallers and if you could be tempted to do more events. And of course you can clarify your choice in the comments.
  9. Day 9 and we are back to the sections and how they affect the events you do. This is about ACTC events (MCC question will follow tomorrow). Doesn’t matter if you have registered for the championship or not or how many events you do.
  10. Day 10 and we look at the MCC’s sections and their impact of the trials you choose to do. This is about the Exeter, LE and Edinburgh. Not the Testing Trial or Scatter.
  11. Day 11 and this is the penultimate question. All about your Trials Pride and Joy and if you have one that you are not using.
  12. Here we are at Day 12 and the last question 😦
    What can be done to encourage newcomers into Classic Trialling? Please tick what you feel is the most important.
    You can only vote once but as ever we have the comments for you to expand your ideas.

Comments, Corrections, Criticism & Concerns welcome:-

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