Haizelden’s Dominate Kyrle

Dave beat Aaron for the win on last weeks Tamar. This week it was Aarons turn with another one, two for the family.

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Footpumps – All You Need to Know

Book Review – Vintage British Foot Pumps 1900 – 1950 by Gordon Edwards

These days onboard 12v compressors seem to be in vogue for trials cars but most of us still have a foot pump somewhere in our garage even if we don’t use it while on a trial.

I stumbled upon this book while trying to source a washer for my Kismet Lorry Foot Pump. Googling came up with a site called Vintagepumps.co.uk which proved a mine of information.

I soon discovered that webmaster Gordon Edwards had written a book all about his favourite subject and me being me I had to have one.

It arrived today and there are 153 pages packed with information. Not just the popular models from Dunlop and Kismet but many others I have never heard of.

The book covers the development and operating principles of all the pumps you are likely to find at an auto jumble. It also explains all about one, two and even three stage designs and how they work.

I discovered lots of useful technical information such as you should never use engine oil to lubricate a leather pumps washer as it will make it rot. Better to raid the kitchen for cooking oil.

The book is a mine of technical information and tips, including how to make your own leather washers.

All in all a great addition to the motoring library. I bought mine direct from the author. Details are on Vintagepumps.co.uk

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Dave Haizelden Best Car on Tamar

Dave became one of only a handful of people that have won a Classic Trial in both a Front Wheel Drive and Rear Wheel Drive Car having won the Tamar in 2003 in his Golf. Andrew Kearns was best Solo and Alan Wear best Outfit.

Peter Browne captures Dave Haizelden storming Angel Steps on his way to a resounding Overall Car Win on the Tamar Trial Click Here for more of Peter’s Photos

Videos by Kofi Farley, Duncan Stephens and James Smith

This years Tamar went down well with competitors with the hills having just the right amount of bite. Most of the sections were pretty dry but Angel Steps greasy.

After a poorly supported Exmoor Clouds entries were better for the Tamar with 24 Motorcycles and 35 Cars, a third in Class Five.

Class Eight had some difficult restarts. Dan Keat was the only class 8 to climb Tanks Terror where Dave Haizelden was the only other car to clean the section. Aaron Haizelden dropped six here. If he hadn’t he would have finished on three, same as Dave but had a faster special test time!

Dave Haizelden dropped the only marks on his Tamar when he stopped at the three on Trehole but even here nobody on four wheels climbed higher.

There were two clean sheets amongst the Solos, the win going to Andrew Kearns on Special Test times.

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