Paul Merson wins Bodmin

Camel Vale’s Single Venue Classic Trial in Cardinham Woods

Jenny Martin captures John Cox attempting to restart in the leafy woodland of the Bodmin Trial. Click Here for more of Jennys work

Aided by pouring rain as the day went on Simon Groves and his team put on a tough trial on the steep slopes of Cardinham Woods. Paul Merson scored a resounding win amongst the cars. Outside of performance the results were split quite evenly amongst the classes, Ryan Tonkin coming second overall in his Class Four Beetle.

There were no solos on the event, just outfits. Mark Seward and Alan Keat both finished with 14, the win going to Mark on test times.

Videos by┬áDuncan Stephens and Norton Selwood. Norton was entered in Dave Haizelden’s Golf but retired when a CV joint failed on the first section.

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