Clee Returns

Sam Holmes Conquered the Gloomy Conditions

Windscreen Wipers going Sam Holmes peers through the gloom on his way to winning the Clee Hills Trial (Photo Peter Wrigglesworth)

The Midland Automobile Club had a good and varied entry for their Clee Hills Trial. Clerk of the Course Simon Woodall retained the events familiar two loop system which reduces delays for the competitors but can result in a long day for the Marshalls.

Simon also employed Andrew Brown’s score equalisation system on three hills as a way to give the lower classes a chance of the overall win. The way this works is the best score in each class will count as a‘Clear’ and this score deducted for all others in the class.

Together with tyre pressures and a couple of alternate hills this seemed to work well with Sam being penalised a total of four for his stop on the Jenny Wind, one better than Ian Facey in his Class 3 BMW. It could have been different though, Matt Facey got to the two on the Jenny Wind but was penalised 6 on Castle Hill which had to be attempted on road pressures.

The higher classes didn’t generally fare so well against their challenges which included Majors Leap and the historic Meadowley, neither on the agenda for the lower classes. Their scores were in the 20’s plus, apart from one man that is, a returning Adrian Marfell  who dropped just nine in his familiar car which he drives in such a distinctive fashion.

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