Tough Cotswold Clouds

Ian Moss Conquered the Conditions to pull off a Narrow Win

Artist and Photographer Calvin Samuel captures Ian Moss pawing the air on the Nailsworth Ladder Step on his way to winning the Cotswold Clouds. Click here for Calvins Website for more on his Photos and Paintings

Ian Moss was first overall in his familair immaculate Imp. Ian dropped nine marks, one better than Matt Facey (BMW) who in turn was was one in front of early leader Sam Holmes in his Class Four Beetle.

Sam was one of only five cars to clean the infamous Crooked Mustard in front of the many spectators who throng the hill each year to witness the spectacular action.

Paul Merson and Dean Partington went clean on Mustard in Class Eight but the restarts in the events later wooded sections rather got the better of both of them, dropping down the leader board but leaving Paul to come away with a Class Win. Keith Sanders was the only Class Five to clean the old hill finishing with a Class Win and fourth overall.

The only other car to go clean here was John White but he soon found his Beetle ploughing on come every corner on the road sections and he retired with a suspected broken diff.

There were quite few other retirements on this tough event. These included Dave Haizelden whose Scimitar locked solid soon after Axe, Brian Partridge (Starter Motor), Nigel Jones (CV Joint, MX5), Stuart Highwood (Suspension, Scimitar).

Videos from Crooked Mustard

Videos from Nailsworth Ladder

More Cotswold Clouds Video

In Car with Ray and Hannah Ferguson & Mark and James Smith

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