Chairmans Trial

Chris Bareham Reports

Norton Selwood captures Chris as he approaches the tricky mud on Linton Field

Chairman’s 2019 One of my favourite trials of the year, with a good breakfast at the start and a great mixture of sections through out the day.

Starting in the Drizzle

We started this year in some drizzle with promise of sun later, always good when it comes to riding gear choices. Wet or Sweat? So off we set to Roly Poly, a short little blast up a steep rocky climb. Easy clean to start the day with. Then to Smallbrook and it’s slippery clay, a digger had visited some time earlier and made a big difference, this must have been the first time I’ve cleaned the bank, well chuffed but the digger hadn’t sorted the deep ruts at the top and I dropped a stupid 3 on the easy bit!

Rolling Backwards on Gullijon

Gullijon always has a deviation for us solos and this year the same. A few ahead of me mucked it up then Steve Grinter took a different line which worked, I followed his tracks and got it totally wrong. The bike cuddled a tree and I executed a perfect backwards roll down hill. Bike a 3 or 4, Me, well the marshal gave me a 6.5! Leighwoods opposite was no problem, unlike my rear brake which was giving me grief now and made steep descents interesting using the front brake hard.

Work on the Brakes

Onto Ivyleaf Woods and the driest I’d seen it in the winter. Number 1, once around the hairpin an easy climb. No’ 2, lots of cross roots but heaps of grip and a steep decent. Rear brake where for ought thee! Ivy 3 had a different start line to normal which gave us some cross rutting to deal with, Kathy ahead of me mucked it up so I took a more central line which was awkward but the feet stayed on the pegs. Happy with that. The last section again was really dry and no hassles. All clean in the Woods. Well pleased. Special test 1, just an excuse to get us wet and see who’s brave enough to go fast through the puddle! Then grub, Becey remembered this year and a chuck wagon was to hand. I took the time to fettle the rear brake and with a bit of luck had something resembling stopping power.

Lots of Grease at Linton Field

Linton Field, greasy as hell and with the bikes using the right hand section. I took the wrong approach, going for gentle power and no wheel spin. Failed well down the slope, not the only one though I heard some cleaned it! Well ridden guys. Both the Puthole sections were dry and offered plenty of grip and saw the top of both, similarly for the trials section opposite. Followed a good line and took a clean.

No Problems on Cutliffe Lane

Cutcliffe Lane gave no problems with the markers set quite nicely to the right so I was able to ride nicely right up to the deviation by the restart and then drop into the lane, which I will say is rutting up badly ( nicely?) and must be giving the cars fun! Hackmarsh? The only tricky bit was the descent to the test. And then the final 3. Orchard Rise, a good climb with rare grip, little wobble in a rut half way and zig zagged up. Got my monies worth from the climb but stayed clean. Lamberal Splash had a steep bank to catch many but climbed it to be met with a barking dog, don’t look at the dog! Tight to a marker and clean out!

The Last Section

Last section of the day, Mill Track, steep and always greasy. The middle of the track was perfect. Plenty of power and clean all the way to the field. I think this was the first time I’ve ridden into the field without a lot of pushing and sweat. The only sweat was where the sun had finally shone on us and it was getting warm! All in all a great day, well pleased with the way I rode and as ever huge thanks to all the team who made it happen.

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