David Haizelden Conquers Kyrle

With wet weather leading up to the Event making the Kyrles ultra steep hills even more slippery than usual this years event was a very tough proposition.

Nick Farmer captures ACTC Chair Dave Haizelden battling with the mud and ruts on Badgers. As you can see in Nick’s video Dave oh so nearly came to a stop but kept the power on to clear the section and win the event.

Videos by Gemma Weeks, Mike Ellis, Sam Phillips and Nick Farmer Click Here for a full list of the Videos

Driving his familiar Reliant Scimitar in Class 5 Dave was headed by Gary Browning in his Class Eight Special until the penultimate section where Gary dropped 11 marks relegating him to second overall but hanging on to the class win.

John Bell completed the podium finishing on 34 with his Class 7 Dutton Melos.

There were five retirements from the 36 starters three of which were VW’s. Ian Davis had an output shaft break on his buggy on Pill Box. John White returned to the fray having replaced the broken diff on his Class 4 Beetle. Unfortunately the car suffered fuel starvation all day and eventually John gave up cleaning out the carbs and headed for home. Finally Nigel Jones retired his new Beetle just before Badgers.

InCar with Ray and Hannah Ferguson. Ray and Hannah were second in Class 7, one point behind John Bell.

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