Nick Deacon wins Clee in X90

John Kenny best Motorcycle

Nick Deacon emerges from the greenery on his way to the premier Award on the Clee Hills Trial. Photo by Andrew Marchant. Click Here for more of Andrews Clee Photos.

The Midland Automobile Club had accumulated a formidable organising team for this years Clee Hills Trial. A veritable dynasty of trialling with Simon Woodall as Clerk of the Course, Pat Toulmin Secretary of the Meeting and Adrian Tucker-Peake as Chief Marshall.

Their event was classic modern Clee, retaining their unique twin loop system which helps finish the trial on time as it brings two hills into play at the same time but can make it a long day for the marshals.

Some of the sections became very muddy during the day and those on the lower class loop experienced some delays when several competitors needed pulling up some of the sections.

Ian Davis (Class 8 VW Buggy) and Nick Deacon in the new 90 class in his Suzuki X90 both ended up dropping 14 marks on the hills but after Score Relieving was applied Nick dropped to 9 marks to win the premier award.

John Kenny was best motorcycle.

Video from Heywood Common and The Slab by Creative Coachworks

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