John Boswell

John Boswell passed away on Tuesday – A Tribute by David Alderson

1912 JohnBoswellI’m sad to report that my long time best buddy and fellow trialsman John Boswell passed away peacefully on Tuesday morning.

‘Boz’ came to trialling when the late Robin Alexander enlisted him as passenger in the JABS sporting trials car, together they made a great team and took second overall in the BTRDA Gold Star championship on two occasions. They also competed together in Robin’s Austin 7 on MCC events, and on one memorable Lands End weekend they trialled the Austin 7, then co-drove Boz’s E Type in one of the Cornish speed hill climbs on the following day.

Boz took up trials driving himself using at first MG Midgets and eventually moving on to his Dutton Phaeton, and with Carol at his side they enjoyed success in both PCT’s and Classic trials.

Boz took the prestigious ACTC Crackington Cup championship in 1990 and famously the pair featured in the BBC Top Gear Lands End report when they determinedly threw the Dutton up Crackington with the camera mounted on the roll over bar.

After a heart problem suffered in the early nineties had stopped Boz from driving in trials, I invited him to join me in the Troll for my assault on the ACTC Wheelspin Trophy championship in 1996. I had struggled to come to terms with the Troll despite my earlier success with VWs, but the understanding of exactly where to put his weight, and even more importantly the ribald humour Boz brought to the Troll cockpit, made me relax at the wheel and enjoy a wonderful season culminating in our taking the Wheelspin Trophy honours.

Later Boz returned for a final fling in sporting trials on bouncing duties for Steve Courts in the Facksimile. In these later years the two of us have spent many happy days together blagging our way into the Silverstone paddock seeing old friends and soaking up the racing scene atmosphere, Boz’s first love.

David Alderson


Stuart Bartlett secures Crackington with Camel Win

Stuart was the only car with single figures on a tough trial

Ben Tonkin and Xanthia Petherick pictured on Penkestle in this capture from Kofi Farleys video 

InCar with Camel and Crackington winners Stuart and Kieran Bartlett

Camel Vale Motor Club lived up to their reputation and put on a tough finale to this years ACTC Championship. Continue reading “Stuart Bartlett secures Crackington with Camel Win”

Matt Facey wins Allen to clinch Wheelspin

Matt and Hollie Wood were the fastest of the three clean sheets

Matt Facey eases his BMW away from the Burledge restart on his way winning The Allen Trial and securing the ACTC Wheelspin Trophy with one round to go

Once again Bristol Motor Club were rewarded by a supurb entry for the popular Allen Trial. 74 cars were entered, dropping to just under 70 starters from The Bull at Hinton. It was cloudy but dry day after a lot of rain recently which was to make some of the sections very muddy. Continue reading “Matt Facey wins Allen to clinch Wheelspin”

Paul Merson takes narrow Hardy win

It was a close thing, with Ray Ferguson just one mark behind

Roger Ashby and Gavin Lane in their steamer on Meerhay. Video Capture by Chris Briant Click Here for the Video

InCar with Ray and Hannah Ferguson in their Liege

Woolbridge had strong local support for their Classic Trial, including a Four Wheel Drive class running at the back of the field. The event was a mixture of traditional lanes supplemented by some grassy venues familiar to competitors who go to the clubs single venue events. These of course require a very different driving technique to the rocky lanes. Either trickle or blast, there is no in-between! Continue reading “Paul Merson takes narrow Hardy win”

David Haizelden and Ryan Tonkin take Bodmin Honours

Ryan Tonkin concentrates as he gets out of the ruts to avoid a marker. Ryan finished the day with the lowest number of marks but it was David Haizelden who took the Premier Award on Index of Performance. Photo by Peter Hicks Click Here for more of Peters Work


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David Haizelden Conquers Kyrle

With wet weather leading up to the Event making the Kyrles ultra steep hills even more slippery than usual this years event was a very tough proposition.

Nick Farmer captures ACTC Chair Dave Haizelden battling with the mud and ruts on Badgers. As you can see in Nick’s video Dave oh so nearly came to a stop but kept the power on to clear the section and win the event.

Videos by Gemma Weeks, Mike Ellis, Sam Phillips and Nick Farmer Click Here for a full list of the Videos

Driving his familiar Reliant Scimitar in Class 5 Dave was headed by Gary Browning in his Class Eight Special until the penultimate section where Gary dropped 11 marks relegating him to second overall but hanging on to the class win. Continue reading “David Haizelden Conquers Kyrle”