Class 0 Storm Donkey Trot on 2018 Exeter

Although it was very cold most of the sections were quite dry and straightforward this year. The exception was Donkey Trot where the sheer gradient stopped the majority of competitors.

MGCC Midland Centre stalwart Brian Osborn on Pin Hill in his familiar MGB. Brian had a good run for a Copper Medal only succumbing to the steep slope of Donkey Trot. Picture by Dave Cook. Prints and HiRes of Dave’s pictures are available at a very reasonable price on his website

Although it was cold during the night the sections didn’t present to many dificulties apart  from Stewarts Hill where the tight right hander at the top caught out a couple of the cars.   The other issue for some was first Special Test. This followed immediately after the observed section and some of the newer competitors failed to stop astride the finish line.

Stuart Palmer enjoyed the night time sections on his first MCC event in his Austin Seven Special but had to retire at breakfast with a broken gear lever.

Donkey Trot on the outskirts of Ilsington was is a real stopper. Its not very rough but its very steep and slippery in parts. Only one car went clear last year so the organisers bought the start line back to the road, allowing a modest opportunity to build speed before the gradient ramps up. This change certainly worked and nine cars made the summit. None of the motorcycles made a clean climb so it became a non counting stop for five competitors.

Everyone found the last section at Frenches despite having to divert off route because of a road closure on the outskirts of Newton Abbot. This was the roughest section of the trial and heartbreak for Mark Delves when the transmission failed on his MR2.

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