Dry but Tough Lands End

Hoskin decimated the results with the Bishops Wood and Blue Hills 2 restarts proving very tough for the lower classes. The sections were to prove very dry, despite an hour of heavy rain during the early hours of the morning. There were a few long delays for the later numbers but otherwise the event ran commendably smoothly.

Its a blue sea in the background but the spectators are well wrapped up as Andrew Trenoweth captures Laurence Payne restarting on Blue Hills 2. Unfortunately Laurence didn’t get away, missing out on a Bronze Medal.

Failures on Felons

The familiar Felons Oak restart proved testing for class five with many of the Suzuki X90’s in Class 5 penalised for not getting away. Others to fail here were MCC President Jonathan Laver, who has moved to the main trial in his MGB after a few years running in Class 0. Louise Headon was another coming to grief here, a shame as otherwise she would have secured a bronze in her MX5.

The night passed without drama, the route taking in Porlock Hill again rather than bypassing it via Webber’s Post. Riverton and Sutcombe took a few scalps before competitors turned left instead of right on the track at the site of the former Hobbs Choice Special Test.

A new section at Hackmarsh

There was to be no Cutliffe lane or Warleggan this year, both considered too rough for the Lands End. They were replaced by  Hackmarsh, promoted from Class 0 this year. Its quite a long, twisty section, with a lot of loose rock. There isn’t a lot of gradient and it only stopped a handful of cars but with a restart could offer good potential in the future.


Clive Kalber in his Tucker Peake Pop on its first outing with its new Duratec Engine. Clive went on to clean all sections for a Gold Medal. Photo by Duncan Stephens of Donutsphotography

Crackington had been well doctored this year and was particularly challenging for early numbers in the lower classes. We don’t see many Morgans trialling these days, hampered by their axle located above the chassis. Colin Sumner proved that it was possible to get one of the low slung cars up the old hill, powering up in his Standard Vanguard engined version with a rare 4 planet Salisbury axle.

It was very windy at the Wilsey Down breakfast halt and noise control with a few competitors taking the opportunity to do running repairs and change inner tubes.  Those partaking of the breakfast here can never cease to be surprised at the efficiency of the staff in the cafe who manage to feed the hungry hordes with little fuss or bother.

Camel Vale Territory

For those thinking the trial wasn’t to difficult this year there came a shock as the route entered Camel Vale territory with a Special Test and Section at Laneskin, with the fearsome Hoskin just done the road.

There were a few penalties for touching markers on the special Test, including Bill Bennett in the all MG Class 2.

Chris Wall was the only Class 8 to clean Hoskin and qualify for a Gold Medal. Three of the Seventeen Cars in Class Eight were driven by members of the Wall family. Thats Eric watching Chris from the reversing bay having failed the hill. Photo by Duncan Stephens of Donutsphotography

Everyone had to restart on Hoskin. Class Eight having a separate challenge higher up the gradient. The section was to be the end of many medal hopes and only one or two in each class came out the top. In Class 1 only Ian Cundy managed the climb in his Golf but had the misfortune to retire before Blue Hills. Anyone doubting the competitiveness of an X90 should reflect on Kevin Sharps achievement, not only clearing Hoskin but going on to win the Field Trophy.

There was no doubt the Class Eight restart was tough. Perhaps Chris Wall had the advantage of not knowing what to expect as it was his first Lands End. Be that as it may he was the only successful Class Eight in his K series Cannon, relegating seven of his competitors to a Silver in the process.

Bishops Wood

Having successfully restarted  on the restart before the track Kevin Sharp slithers over the Higher class restart pad. Kevin went on for Gold and the Field Trophy for best car. Photo by Dave Cook. You can order prints and hi res downloads from his Smugmug Site

The Bishops Wood restarts were on their usual form and claimed around half of the entry although all those in line for premier awards succeeded.

Blue Hills 1

Andrew Trenoweth catches Nigel Hilling on bone dry cobbles on Blue Hills 1. Nigel was running in Class three as his wheels were shod with radials for this event. 

Blue Hills 1 was unusually bone dry so there was not the usual water dragged up onto the cobblestones for the 6,7,8 restart.

Blue Hills 2

Sam Lindsay grits his teeth as he tackles this years tricky restart on Blue Hills 2. This was the first Classic Trial for Sam in his Fugitive. Photo by Colin Bradbury.

The Blue Hills 2 restart was situated round the corner on a steep part of the deviation. There was plenty of grip but it was still a challenge to pull away as Sticker Martin found, loosing his Gold here in his Mk1 Escort.

After Old Stoney there remained just a few miles to the finish at Hale where the last competitors signed off at around 7.30 pm.

Perhaps the most disappointed competitor when the results came out was Trevor Wood, who cleaned all the sections and set the fastest time on the Tests in his Class 7 Liege. Unfortunately Trevor had some distractions at the start and left without realising he had left without signing on, classifying him as  non starter. To make things worse his Liege broke its diff on the way home.

Discussion after the event reckoned Clerk of the Course Bill Rosten and his team had put on a first class Lands End Trial.

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