Aaron Haizelden won the 70th Aniversary Allen Trial

Aarons rival for the Wheelspin Championship, Dean Partington, was 5th overall after dropping 3 on Guys Hill. Tied on 62 points its down to the wire on The Camel Classic, the last event of the year.

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Hardy Trial 2016

Dean Partington was Best Car

Dean Partington in his familiar DP Wasp was best of a small field of 16 cars, dropping 12 marks. Ian Davis was second, dropping 23 in his VW Buggy.

There was a well supported Clubmans Class, win by Lee Peck in his Dutton Melos.

Geoff Walker was best motorcycle on his GasGas Pampera

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Gary Browning wins Kyrle

Gary won a demanding trial in his VW Fugitive with nine of the 36 starters retiring

Calvin Samuel captures overall winner Gary Browning cleaning Pludds in fine style. Calvin can be contacted via his CST Artworks Website
Drama as marshals and fellow competitors rush to aid Simon Woodall at the top of Pludds (Photo by Calvin Samuel)

Provisional Results

Overall – Gary Browning – VW Fugitive – 7

2  Bill Bennett РMG J2 Р26
3  Matt Facey РBMW Р17
4  Tony Young РVW Beetle Р19
5  Aaron Haizelden РReliant Scimitar SS1 Р11
6  David Price РVW Beetle Р43
7  Ed Wells РDutton Melos Р26
8  Tris White РTroll Р16

1/11/16 – Scores corrected and Full Results added

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Tamar Trial 2016

Aaron Haizelden was best car in his Scimitar dropping only 3 marks on Trevilla

Dan and Lester Keat on their way to winning Class Eight (Photo by Jonathan Kelly)

Keith Sanders also dropped 3 on Trevilla in his Scimitar, however he had also lost 3 marks earlier on Crackington. Dave Haizeldens new Scimitar made its debut but ended his challenge halfway through the event when his Quaife/Fack diff broke. Dave is not having much luck with Quaifes as its only a few weeks since the one in his Golf disintegrated.

Tristan Barnicoat was best motorcycle with Kathy Martin only a few marks behind in a well supported Class B1.

Steve Urell was best Sidecar again and commiserations to Julia Browne who ended up in A&E but is on the mend.

Simon Groves has dropped the axle on his Troll to fix a broken Half Shaft. He was successful and went on to finish the event. (Photo by David Haizelden)

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Exacting Edinburgh

With most of the classic Edinburgh sections still unavailable the event still continues to be a shadow of its former self. Still it had the benefits of the wonderful Derbyshire countryside with its spectacular views.

A new hill was introduced called Chrome Hill which turned out to be a mud PCT style section which many considered inappropriate for the event.