Sad Exeter

Sadly Colin Butt lost his life after his Marlin overturned after coming to a stop on Wooston Steep. The trial was abandoned after the incident. After consideration the MCC decided that the event would be considered finished, and results decided, after Fingle.

It was a wet night, drying only in the early hours of the morning at which time the early numbers were well into the night time sections.

There was no Special Test at Haynes this year, replaced by one on the night run. The first Observed Section was Classic Caines which was very muddy and it proved difficult for solo motorcycles to stay upright and more than half of them failed. There was plenty of grip though as only a handful of the four wheel brigade failed.

The Bovey Woods area was as challenging as ever with numerous failures in Classes one and five. Peter Mountain (Dellow) and Graham Redmayne (Liege) were both penalised for failing to stop at the Clinton restart. They were both also amongst those penalised for stopping unecesaarily at the Password Lane restart. Hopefully this will be corrected in the final results as they actually took part in a Class 3 BMW and Class 5 X90 respectively.

After breakfast Tillerton proved very challenging regardless of whether competitors had to restart or not. It was considered very rough and was then end of Brian Partridges trial when he damaged the front suspension of his Ridge Cannon.

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