Hardy Trial

Stewart Green achieved a Clean Sheet on the Grass but its Clubmen that dominated the entry.

In Car with Mark and James Smith in their Class Six Beetle

Woolbridge Motor Club had a good entry for their Hardy Trial boosted by the large number of Clubman category competitors who were all running in Class 0.

There were seven clean sheets amongst the motorcycles, Brian Wyles coming out top on his GasGas 250 by virtue of his test times.

The National B car category only had 17 starters and it was Stewart Green who took the overall win with the only clean sheet inn his Class 8 Gruffalo. Dave Haizelden was second in his Class Five Reliant Scimitar, dropping three in the grassy field after the deviation out of the gully on Knowle Lane.

There were several grass sections on the trial, requiring a different driving style to the Classic Lanes. It was quite a smooth trial, even on the tracks and provided a good introduction to the sport for the many Clubmans competitors who were all lumped together in Class 0.

Barry Redmayne was the best in this Clubmans category, dropping nine on two of the grassy sections in his Class Eight Liege. Barrys car runs in Class 8 as it has a 4 cylinder Suzuki engine rather than the smaller 3 cylinder versions that run in Class 7. Barrys car was first converted to this power unit by Arthur Jones but has seen extensive development in Barry’s hands.

Stephen Tite was second Clubman in a Jago Jeep. There were also a couple of Land Rovers running in Class 9 at the tail of the field, reminiscent of when the Army ran these vehicles on the MCC events and the RAC rally.

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